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CES開催で電気自動車 1月12日(金)

Enero Doce (Viernes)
Slide 3 of 31: <p>A brand-new car from an all-new automaker was revealed at CES 2018. Chinese startup Byton debuted a new all-electric SUV that it estimates will cost from $45,000, will roll out in China in late 2019 and both Europe and the U.S. from 2020, and is promising to ‘redefine’ the SUV in the upcoming era of autonomous cars.</p> <p>Two models will be offered, a 268 horsepower rear-wheel drive model, and a 469 hp dual-motor all-wheel drive version. Byton is promising a range of over 380 miles on a single charge of the mid-size SUV’s top-spec 95 kWh battery pack (cheaper rear-drive cars offer a 71 kWh battery and a 295-mile range). In time, an SUV and MPV will be derived from the SUV’s flexible platform.</p>Byton
Slide 6 of 31: <p>But its batteries are not the only reason to get excited about the eMotion. Just look at it. Svelte and sexy, huh? Hard to believe it’s being pitched as an alternative to a luxury sedan, one still offering five seats within those amazing butterfly doors, and a lavish interior fully future-proofed with next-gen tech.</p> <p>It’s naturally going to be autonomous. Five neatly-integrated LIDAR sensors take it up to Level 4 autonomy, and these too are packed with patents. Fisker himself feels the eMotion places the firm “clearly at the forefront” of a revolutionary new era in automobiles. A new era that will be here sooner than we think, too: production of the eMotion is confirmed for within the U.S., the location of which will be announced later in 2018. Prices? Yours from $129,000.</p>Fisker
Fiskerはアストン・マーチンの派生車? 13万ドルは高いですけど。
Slide 30 of 31: <p>Coolest of all Honda’s CES 2018 robots is this fantastic ATV-based autonomous EV off-road vehicle, fully equipped with AI. It’s an AWD EV and takes a multitude of attachments, making it idea for use by firefighters, construction and agriculture.</p> <p>It’s indestructible (Honda’s been making ATVs like this for three decades now), and the great thing about it being autonomous is that it minimises the human exposure to danger in extreme conditions. Think of it as a Moon Rover for Earth, if you like.</p>HONDA
Slide 17 of 31: <p>It’s not just Uber. NVIDIA is also supplying AI tech to Volkswagen, for use on its future electric cars including the I.D. Buzz. A combination of AI and deep learning will help power the cars’ self-driving functionality, but also many of the onboard functions such as voice, gesture and facial recognition.</p> <p>Volkswagen will use the NVIDIA Drive IX Intelligent Experience platform to give the new cars auto-unlock by facial recognition, natural language voice control, gesture control and other neat capabilities it’s dubbing ‘Intelligent Co-Pilot’. “In just a few years, every new vehicle should have AI assistant for voice, gesture and facial recognition as well as augmented reality,” said charismatic NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang.</p>VW
Slide 9 of 31: <p>There's a new automotive term we need to get familiar with: Mobility as a Service, or ‘MaaS’. This is where companies such as Uber, Amazon and even Pizza Hut will transport goods, people or take away pizzas via autonomous cars - and Toyota wants to be a car company offering them a basic vehicle which they can then develop and customise.</p> <p>The e-Palette Concept Vehicle is its idea of a fully-flexible purpose-built autonomous electric vehicle, into which those companies can add their own tech to better serve their customers. Fully scalable and customisable, even down to open source software, Toyota’s offering it as part of a new e-Palette Alliance that will collaborate to make the mobility ecosystem concept a reality.</p> <p>Suddenly, the idea of an autonomous vehicle delivering your pizza, or your purchases from Amazon, or even picking you up for a ride, seems a little less far-fetched than it was...</p>Toyota

 すでに「ボケ老人」の領域? トランプは、急に英国訪問を中止しましたが、「私がロンドン訪問を取りやめる理由は、オバマ政権がロンドンのおそらく最高の立地にあった最高の大使館を『はした金』で売却し、12億ドルもかけてへんぴな場所に新大使館を建てたことが気に入らないからだ」、「ひどい取引をしておいて、私にテープカットをしろだって―お断りだ!」とTwitterしています。 この準備をしてきた多くの人は怒り狂っているでしょう。不動産社長のままに、大統領になって、なんでも自分のわがままで通ると思っている。確かにアメリカの大統領は権力があり、なんでもできますが、こういう子供じみた行為に私はうんざりです。
 そして今朝のトップニュースは、昨日の議員らとの会合で、ハイチやアフリカの諸国から移民を受け入れる必要性に疑問を呈し、下品な言葉(汚い便所みたいな国)を使って一部の諸国を「不潔極まる」と呼んだことが、関係筋の話で明らかになったのです。 トランプは個人の技能に基づく移民制度がある諸外国に倣い、米社会や経済に貢献し、社会に同化できる移民を受け入れることで国を強くする恒久的な政策を求めていると言いたかったのでしょうが、なにせボキャブラリーがないので、こういう言葉しか吐けないのです。知能は極めて幼稚、配線は直列です。

 Atlanta, GA 7-Day Forecast

 日曜日のゴルフは可能になりそうです。今回は念のため場所を違う場所に移すことになりました。MLKデーの後からまた10度台の寒さになります。こりゃ、人生短いに越したことない! 今の子供が大人になる、そして老人になることは暑いか寒いかで人類は相当数が減っているでしょう。

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