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流行りのSUVを探す 7月19日(木)

Julio Diecinueve (jueves)
Slide 2 of 13: Ringing in at $38,295, Acura's RDX is all-new for 2019. A full safety suite is standard, as are heated seats, a panoramic moonroof, and Apple CarPlay integration. A new 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with 272 horsepower drives the front wheels. Want all-wheel drive or navigation? Both options will take you over the threshold of $40,000.You'll Like: Highest horsepower in this lineup, top-notch safety ratings, mobile hotspot capability standardYou Won't Like: All-wheel drive pushes the price over $40,000, and so does satellite navigationMotor Trend's Take: With many customers taking the leap from sports sedans to SUVs, Acura redesigned the RDX to take advantage of this migration. In our First Drive, we said, "RDX buyers will appreciate the moderately sharper response of Sport mode" as it "moves down the road with technical sophistication and reassuring confidence." The Android-powered infotainment system has a "screen as customizable as a smartphone."
Acura RDX $38295
Slide 3 of 13: With the lowest base price here at $33,875, there's plenty of room to add features and still keep the Audi Q3 under $40,000. Satellite navigation will run you $2,100, and a Bose system is $850, but Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not available at any price. Quattro all-wheel drive can be had for $2,100.You'll Like: All-wheel drive and navigation are standalone optionsYou Won't Like: Dated tech and powertrain, cramped interiorMotor Trend's Take: The Q3 was introduced in 2015 and hasn't changed a whole lot since then. Our First Drive noted that while the "instruments and ergonomics are as near faultlessly clear as you can find, underneath it's a little old hat." The Audi Q3 is really showing its age when it comes to power, efficiency, and driving dynamics.
Audi Q3 $33875
Slide 4 of 13: If it's bare-bones luxury you're after, the BMW X1 at $34,895 fits the bill with eight-way power leatherette seats, seven-speaker audio system, 18-inch wheels, and automatic climate control. Class up the cabin with the Luxury Package ($1,550), which adds leather and uplevel trim accents. Notable standalone options include a Harmon Kardon 12-speaker sound system ($875), Apple CarPlay compatibility ($300), and satellite navigation ($950). All-wheel drive is available for $2,000.You'll Like: Optional comprehensive safety suite, individual options keep a lid on priceYou Won't Like: Sparse-looking interior in base model, upcharge for Apple CarPlayMotor Trend's Take: The front-wheel-drive X1 marks a dramatic departure from BMW's rear-wheel-drive philosophy. Detractors might dismiss it as a Mini in BMW's clothing, thanks to a shared platform, but in our First Test, we said the BMW-specific powertrain received high marks for its "smoothness and linearity." Indeed, the best thing about the X1 is its powertrain. The rest of the package falls somewhere in the middle. "For an entry-level luxury crossover," we concluded, "the X1 is perfectly adequate."
BMW X1 $34895
Slide 6 of 13: New for 2019, the Cadillac XT4 slots in below the XT5 on both size and price, starting at $35,790. That's a decent starting price, but options can add up fast: All-wheel drive is a cool $2,500, and satellite navigation with Bose audio will cost you $1,500. A cold weather package with heated seats and steering wheel is $850, and a power sunroof will set you back $1,500. Thankfully, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard.You'll Like: Punchy 2.0-liter turbocharged power, four USB ports a nice touchYou Won't Like: Advanced safety suite not available on base models, Silver/Black is the only included exterior/interior option—all other colors cost extraMotor Trend's Take: We haven't yet driven the XT4 but look forward to seeing how Cadillac's CUV competes against fellow luxury bite-sized rivals.
Cadillac XT4 $35790
Slide 7 of 13: If bigger means better, choose the $37,545 Infiniti QX50 over its smaller sibling, the QX30. But what you gain in size you'll sacrifice in features: The Pure trim level lives up to its name as no additional options are available beyond all-wheel drive for $1,800. Notable standard features include power liftgate, eight-way power seats, and automatic emergency braking.You'll Like: Spacious cargo capacity, high-tech engine, impressive fuel economyYou Won't Like: No Apple CarPlay or Android AutoMotor Trend's Take: The QX50 wowed us with its standout design and engine. We noted in our First Drive that "the most competitive segment in the luxury car world just got a whole lot more cutthroat," though the CVT transmission left a lot to be desired. Despite these quibbles, we concluded, "For the most part, Infiniti got the QX50 exactly right."
Infiniti QX50 $37545
Slide 8 of 13: With a base price of $39,595, the Jaguar E-Pace limbos its way onto this list with mere dollars to spare. Skimming the bar results in 17-inch wheels, manually adjustable seats covered in cloth, and no navigation; but advanced safety features like emergency braking and lane keep assist make the cut, and all-wheel drive, automatic climate control, and heated mirrors make it capable in all climates.You'll Like: Sleek styling, upscale interior materials, standard all-wheel drive, fun to driveYou Won't Like: Good luck finding a base modelMotor Trend's Take: The E-Pace may share a basic platform with the Land Rover Evoque and Discovery Sport, but in our First Drive, we said, "The E-Pace is more fun to drive than either of the Rovers." The Jag also impressed us with its calm demeanor: "What's more impressive is that this fun-to-drive character happens with smoothness and silence, too." If driving dynamics matter more to you than leather seats, the Jag is worth a look.
Jaguar E-Pace $39575
Slide 9 of 13: At $38,790, the Land Rover Discovery Sport might be the second most expensive model here, but it also holds the distinction of having far and away the most cargo space (thanks in part to its provision for an optional third row). It also comes standard with all-wheel drive, making it a great choice for family ski trips. There's room to sneak in an option or two, such as satellite navigation ($820) or an audio upgrade ($820)—or you could scrape the $40,000 ceiling by adding the Convenience Package ($1,125), which includes a hands-free power liftgate, proximity key entry, HomeLink, and an auto-dimming rearview mirror.You'll Like: Serious off-road chops, colorful interior choicesYou Won't Like: Proprietary phone-mirroring app instead of Apple CarPlay or Android AutoMotor Trend's Take: Jack of all trades but master of none, the Discovery Sport attempts to split the difference between luxury and utility in a competitive segment. In our First Test, we concluded that the Discovery Sport "is a perfectly decent SUV. It needs a better transmission, an upgraded infotainment system, and should go on a diet, but most customers will like it just fine."
Landrover Discovery Sport $38790
Slide 10 of 13: With the NX, Lexus is betting big on its smallest SUV, providing $37,180 worth of luxury in a diminutive package. That price snags you a full suite of active safety features. Take your choice of satellite navigation ($1,860) or all-wheel drive ($1400), but not both. Or console yourself with heated and ventilated seats ($980) instead.You'll Like: Distinctive if polarizing styling, luxury-car rideYou Won't Like: Frustrating infotainment system, small fuel tank, tiny cargo spaceMotor Trend's Take: Lexus sticks to what it knows best with the NX, and we pointed out those familiar attributes in our First Test: "The cabin is impressively quiet, and there's a general feel of isolation from the craziness outside the windows. As far as luxury vehicles go, it's the real deal. As a sporty crossover? Not so much." And in a comparison test with the Mazda CX-5, we bemoaned the fact that Lexus stubbornly insists on using a "detestable touchpad-operated infotainment system." Try before you buy.
Lexus NX300 $37180
Slide 12 of 13: The character of the Mercedes-Benz GLA is as youthful as its base price of $34,395 suggests. Stand out from the crowd with a Kryptonite Green Metallic paint job ($720), or, if that's not enough, opt for the light-up star on the grille for $450. We're kidding. Don't get that. Show a little maturity with the Interior Package ($1,700), which adds leather sport seats and ambient cabin lighting, or the Premium Package ($1,800), which adds wood trim, heated front seats, and SiriusXM radio. There's even enough room to add all-wheel drive ($2,000) and still stay below the price threshold.You'll Like: Entry-level luxury with few compromisesYou Won't Like: Minuscule cargo area, low-grade interior plasticsMotor Trend's Take: While the GLA might be inexpensive (for a Mercedes), it's still worthy of earning the badge. In our First Test, we called the GLA a "true driver's CUV" and said, "Even in base GLA 250 trim, the GLA is quite the performer." And in another First Test, we opined, "Its responsive handling, attractive exterior and interior, and quick reflexes might be enough to overlook its harsher-than-normal ride."
Benz GLA $34395
Slide 13 of 13: Volvo's XC40 packs a smart combination of features into the $34,195 Momentum trim, which includes popular items such as Apple CarPlay/Android Auto integration, leather seats, and a power tailgate. Volvo bundles its most desired options into packages: Multimedia ($1,375) includes upgraded sound and satellite navigation, and Premium ($1,400) offers keyless proximity entry, hands-free tailgate, and semi-autonomous driving. All-wheel drive is on board for $2,000.You'll Like: State-of-the-art tech features, cool two-tone paint optionsYou Won't Like: Rearward visibility can be trickyMotor Trend's Take: We said in our First Look that the design of the XC40 "bucks the conventional wisdom about how a modern Volvo should look," though "on cars painted a single color, the C-pillar can look bulky." Styling aside, we surmised in our First Test, "The XC40 keeps with Volvo tradition, particularly when it comes to interior quality, feature availability, and drive experience."
Volvo XC40 $34195


Rain chances going up

 どうすれば良いか? 余計なものを買わないことです。流行とかいって、毎年のように買っていた服。それがクローゼットに入りきらないから、捨てる、寄付する。そんなことが起きていませんか? まだ使えるのに、最新型が欲しいから捨てたテレビや冷蔵庫などの家電。すべてゴミになります。引っ越しのたびに出る粗大ごみ。大きな家に住めばたくさんの家具も必要です。
 成金アメリカ人? 成功者の証は地球破壊者の証? 何かできることがあると思うのですがね。資本主義の終わりですよ。繁栄はやがて滅亡へと変わる。
Leaderboard: The Open, Round 1

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熱帯列島日本  7月18日(水)

Julio Dieciocho (miercoles)

 まあ、手遅れか? 「日本のフィリピン化」として片付けられていますが。元々温帯が、亜熱帯になっていて、やがて熱帯になったらどうします?とにかく西日本の近海の海水温が高いらしく、それが暴風雨の原因にもなっているそうです。



 1960年代から続いてきた米国の大統領専用機「エアフォース・ワン」の外装が、早ければ2021年に導入される新機種で大きく変わります。現行塗装は水色と白をベースにしたものですが、トランプ大統領が「赤、白、青」にすると表明しました。これ、ロシアの国旗と同じ色? フランスと同じとも言えますが。
 それにしてもなぜ、燃費の悪い747を使うのか? おそらく大統領の車など、機材も多いので、カーゴスペースの広い機体が良いのでしょう。787だとあまり積めない。




Rain chances going down
 明日は60%、土曜日も60%で、気温が少し下がってきます。もう夏は終わりか? しばらくは80度の後半です。不思議なことに、下も70度とは少しおかしい。これで秋が来るのか?まさか? 今日も頑張ります。お金がないという状況は買わ変わっていません。 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

水道復旧 7月17日(火)

Julio Diece siete  (Martes)

 ようやく水道が復旧した広島県呉市ですが、まだ茶色の水です。まあ、2-3日かかり透明になるのでは?それにしても、きゅうりが一番高いようで、1本298円だそうです。これでは眺めるだけで終わりそうです。 よく高騰するレタスやキャベツは100円台。





 いつの間にか円安? 112円49銭です。株高でさえないのはゴールド、1238ドルまで下落。原油も一時の70ドルを下回り、68ドルです。

 親の仇ではないが? インドネシアのワニ養殖場で、誤って落ちて死亡した男性の仇ではないが、村の住民が292匹のワニを殺したそうです。まさにイスラムの国ですが、目には目を。

 昨日は岐阜県揖斐川町で39.3度という日本の最高記録を更新しました。一時的とはいえ「これまでになかった」のです。月末まで暑いそうです。どうなるか? 暑さで死人が出ていますからね。



Some storms redevelop Tuesday


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嘘つき同士の怪談 7月16日(月)

Julio Dieciseis (Lunes)

 これはやはり、会談ではなく「怪談」では? 今朝の7時からヘルシンキで集まり、首脳会談を行っています。どうでもいい。




Isolated storms could bring heavy downpours

Friday, July 13, 2018

水がすべて 7月13日(金)

Julio Trece (Viernes)
 明日は江田島の友だちが軽トラで、水を運んでくれるそうです。ありがたいことです。水がこんなに貴重なものだとは? これはテレビでも放映されていました。

 片山晋呉の問題がまだ尾を引いていますが。日本のゴルフは放映権を売れない!知っていましたか? アメリカならテレビ局が放映権を買うのです、そして生で放送する。しかし、日本ではゴルフツアーが約2億円払って、テレビ局に放映してもらっている。スポンサーがつかないからだそうです。それも録画になることもあり、ネットで結果を知れば、もう見る必要はないとか。





Thursday, July 12, 2018


Julio Doce (Jueves)
なぜか、爆発しています、売り上げが。この3日はすごい。バケーション明けで人が来ているのか、何かイベントがあるのか? 対応できていません、人出不足で。
今からサーモンだけ、買いに走ります、8時に店に行き、仕込み、11時にケータリングです。レストランビジネスは、体力勝負です。これで個人資金を突っ込むことがギリギリで消えるかも? では、また明日。

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錦織対ジョコビッチ 7月11日(水)

Julio Once (Miercoles)



Slide 2 of 12: Sears Holdings (NASDAQ:SHLD) is the poster child of the retail apocalypse. The parent company of Sears and Kmart lost over 95% of its market value over the past decade as mall traffic dried up and it lost customers to e-tailers and superstores. CEO Eddie Lampert, who took over the top job in 2013, couldn’t counter those industry shifts. Lampert closed stores, sold its Craftsman brand, and spun off its real estate holdings and other brands. Those moves softened Sears’ earnings declines, but its revenues kept declining. Lampert’s latest “turnaround” plans -- which include a partnership with Amazon and mini-Kmarts inside Sears stores -- aren’t impressing investors. Wall Street expects Sears’ revenue to tumble 26% to $12.4 billion this year, and for its earnings to remain deep in the red. That’s a bleak situation for a company that finished last quarter with $3.5 billion in long-term debt. シアーズ
Slide 4 of 12: J.C. Penney (NYSE:JCP) was battered by the same headwinds that blew Sears off course. A disastrous “turnaround” effort by former CEO Ron Johnson between 2011 and 2013 -- which alienated the retailer’s core customers with inconsistent discounts -- exacerbated that pain. But for a while, it seemed like J.C. Penney would avoid Sears’ fate.  Marvin Ellison, who took over as CEO in 2014, expanded the retailer’s business with furniture, appliances, athletic apparel, and more women’s apparel. The company’s sales growth stabilized, and it didn’t aggressively shutter stores like Sears. Unfortunately, those efforts hit a brick wall during the first quarter. After three quarters of positive sales growth, its sales growth turned negative again with a 4% drop. Its comps rose just 0.2%, and it posted an adjusted net loss of $69 million. Ellison blamed supply chain issues, markdowns for apparel, and adverse weather conditions for the weak numbers. But Ellison abruptly resigned after the report, leading investors to believe that J.C. Penney’s turnaround was falling short of expectations.ALSO READ: J.C. Penney Has an Underappreciated Opportunity: Toys JCペニー
Slide 5 of 12: Barnes & Noble (NYSE:BKS) is still the largest brick-and-mortar bookseller in the United States. However, direct competition from Amazon wiped out 65% of its market cap over the past three years. Barnes & Noble closed stores, expanded its digital business with its Nook reader, and spun off its education unit as Barnes & Noble Education (NYSE:BNED) in 2015. These moves helped it tread water, but they didn’t counter its long-term threats. As a result, Barnes & Noble’s revenue tumbled for 15 straight quarters, and its bottom line remains in the red. Its comps dropped 4.1% last quarter, with a 4% decline in retail sales and a 22% drop in NOOK sales. Analysts expect its sales to slip 2% this year. In early July, the company announced that it had fired CEO Demos Parneros for “violations of the company’s policies” without disclosing any additional details. That news, along with Amazon’s plans to render the retailer obsolete, casts a dark cloud over its future. バーンズ&ノーブル
Slide 6 of 12: Office Depot (NASDAQ:ODP) is another company being rendered obsolete by Amazon and other e-tailers. It tried to counter the competition by merging with its rival Office Max in 2013, but combining two losers didn’t make a winner. Staples tried to buy Office Depot in 2015, but the merger was abandoned in 2016 due to antitrust concerns. Office Depot’s stock lost more than 70% of its value over the past three years. It broke a multi-year streak of sales declines with 6% sales growth during the first quarter, but that growth was padded by its acquisition of CompuCom, a provider of IT managed services, infrastructure solutions, and consulting services. Meanwhile, its retail comps stumbled 8.4%, its operating margin contracted and its adjusted EPS was cut in half. It generated $170 million in free cash flow for the quarter, but it’s still shouldering $1 billion in long-term debt. Analysts expect Office Depot’s revenue to rise 6% this year, thanks to CompuCom, but for its earnings to tumble 31%. オフィスデポ
Slide 7 of 12: For decades, customers bought vitamins and nutritional supplements at GNC’s (NYSE:GNC) brick-and-mortar stores. However, the rise of superstores, warehouse retailers, and e-tailers started rendering GNC’s business obsolete. In recent years, several lawsuits which questioned the efficacy of its ingredients also tarnished the brand’s reputation. As a result, GNC’s stock tumbled more than 90% over the past three years. Its revenue declined for nine straight quarters, and analysts anticipate a 5% drop this year. Its earnings, which face pricing pressure from its competitors, are expected to plunge 66%. GNC believes that expanding into overseas markets like China, improving its loyalty program, and partnering with Amazon might get its business back on track. Unfortunately, it’s doubtful that these moves can help the specialty retailer defend its niche against big rivals like Costco. ALSO READ: Investors Are Betting Big Against These 3 RetailersGNC
Slide 9 of 12: Privately held Vitamin World, which competes against GNC and Vitamin Shoppe, isn’t faring any better than its rivals. The company filed for bankruptcy last November, and announced plans to close 124 of its stores and sell the remaining 210 locations.There’s a glimmer of hope that GNC or Vitamin Shoppe might buy the company, but both companies would probably prefer to see this vanquished competitor simply disappear.ビタミンワールド
Slide 10 of 12: Foot Locker (NYSE:FL) was once a top destination for footwear and athletic wear shoppers. But in recent years, leading footwear makers like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour opened their own brick-and-mortar stores and promoted their own e-commerce platforms. Department stores, superstores, and larger sportswear chains also took a bite out of Foot Locker’s sales.  Foot Locker actually posted year-over-year sales growth over the past two quarters. But if we exclude the impact of a soft dollar, its sales would have declined last quarter. Foot Locker’s comps also stayed negative for the past two quarters -- due to slumping store traffic and weak direct-to-consumer sales. The company believes that closing stores, securing premium products from leading brands, and fresh e-commerce investments will get its growth back on track. However, its gross margins are stuck in a downward trend, and its so-called partners are becoming its biggest competitors.ALSO READ: Why Foot Locker Is Confident in a Sales Rebound Aheadフットロッカー
Slide 11 of 12: SAN FRANCISCO, CA - APRIL 05: A pedestrian walks by a Payless Shoe Source store on April 5, 2017 in San Francisco, California. Kansas-based discount shoe retailer Payless Shoe Source has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and will close nearly 400 of its stores.ペイレスシューズ

Slide 2 of 10: Average Price: $9,912 | Reliability: 4/5 | U.S. News Score: 7.7/10The GMC Canyon of this vintage featured a comfortable ride and three engine options, including a 185-horsepower four-cylinder, a five-cylinder, and a V8 making 300 horsepower. The 2010 Canyon was offered in single cab, extended cab, and crew cab body styles. The base four-cylinder engine returned as much as 25 mpg highway when paired with two-wheel drive – decent mileage for the time. Your mileage may vary based on the condition of the used truck.GMC キャニオン 2010年式
Slide 3 of 10: Average Price: $7,951 | Reliability: 4/5 | U.S. News Score: 8.4/10The final generation of the Dodge Dakota was built from 2004 to 2011. The Dakota was a midsize pickup when other small trucks actually classified as compact pickups. That made the Dakota the more spacious option, though its interior materials were somewhat cheap.Even 10 years ago, engines were not optimized to make the most power or get the most out of a drop of fuel. The base V6 makes an adequate 210 horsepower, while the available V8 makes 290 horsepower – you can get that from Chrysler’s Pentastar V6 these days.Cab options include an extended cab and a crew cab. The Crew cab seats five, while the extended cab (or Club Cab) seats two, but it can be had with a rear bench – so check listings closely to see what you are getting.Dodge ダコタ 2008年式
Slide 4 of 10: Average Price: $7,571 | Reliability: 4/5 | U.S. News Score: 7.7/10After a seven-year hiatus, the Ford Ranger is coming back to the North American market. While the new Ranger will be a refined midsize pickup, the old Ranger was a wonderfully basic and stout little truck – although poor safety scores tarnished its reputation a bit.Engine options were a 143-horsepower four-cylinder and a 207-horsepower V6 – a new addition for the 2009 model year.The trim to get is the FX4 Level II. It came with Ford’s 8.8 rear axle, a limited slip differential, skid plates, tow hooks, Bilstein shocks, and 31-inch all-terrain tires.Ford レンジャー 2009年式
Slide 5 of 10: Average Price: $6,738 | Reliability: 5/5 | U.S. News Score: 7.9/10The Colorado made fans with its styling, which was heavily influenced by the popular Silverado line of trucks – including the split-bar grille. It also has a comfortable ride, and four-cylinder, five-cylinder, and V8 engine options.As is a concern with the small trucks of this era, the interior is sub-par in terms quality and comfort. The Colorado also has disappointing towing capacity and off-road capabilities. But this truck has solid crash test scores, so if you need a safe commuter truck, the Colorado is a sensible option.Chevey コロラド 2008年式
Slide 6 of 10: Average Price: $8,984 | Reliability: 5/5 | U.S. News Score: 8.4/10If you need the room and capability of a full-size truck, an F-150 provides plenty of interior space. The cabin is also comfortable, as is the ride. The 2008 F-150 actually has responsive handling as well, and the solid safety scores provide peace-of-mind. This truck would make a great daily driver.It comes standard with a V6 making about 200 horsepower; the top V8 engine makes just 300 horsepower, which is a bit underwhelming considering the expectations of a full-size pickup.Ford F-150 2008年式
Slide 8 of 10: Average Price: $9,270 | Reliability: 5/5 | U.S. News Score: 8.9/10The Avalanche is a truck/SUV concept like the Sport Trac, but it takes the concept to its extreme. It is a full-size utility vehicle with a bed that is able to extend by folding down the rear wall of the truck.The “mid-gate,” as it is called, allows for multiple configurations, making it an incredibly versatile vehicle. The 2007 Avalanche also has strong crash test scores and a more refined ride than older versions of the vehicle. Standard V8 power seals the deal for the Avalanche.Chevey アバランチェ 2007年式
Slide 9 of 10: Average Price: $8,954 | Reliability: 5/5 | U.S. News Score: 9.0/10The Nissan Frontier was completely redesigned in 2009, and that generation has largely carried over to 2018. So why pay new-car prices for decade-old technology? The Frontier has a refined ride and strong off-road capabilities – especially with the Pro-4X package.The interior of the Frontier feels cheap at times – but the same can be said for the modern 2018 model. The four-cylinder feels underpowered, so make sure to go for the V6.日産 フロンティア 2009年式
Slide 10 of 10: Average Price: $8,867 | Reliability: 5/5 | U.S. News Score: 9.3/10If you need a used truck for work duty, the compact trucks and SUV/truck crossovers won’t hold a candle to a true full-sized pickup like the Chevy Silverado. It has surprisingly decent fuel economy for the class, provides a smooth ride and handling, and is wrapped in a handsome exterior.The rear seat on the extended cab model is a bit cramped, but it will be fine for storing gear. If you need to do serious work, choose the available top-end V8, which makes 367 horsepower.Chevey シルバラード 2007年式


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

13人と200人 7月10日(火)

Julio Dies(Martes)

 これは大災害なのです。平成30年7月豪雨、と命名されたらしい。13人の命と200人の命、どちらが大事? これが日本人感情というものか。


Monday, July 9, 2018

天災か人災か? 7月9日(月)

Julio Nueve (Lunes)
 広島のスーパーです。当然ながら何もない。 福岡の久留米は、松田聖子の出身地ですが、ハウス栽培が盛んなのだそうです。ここがどうやら壊滅的な打撃を受けたらしい。従って、野菜が高騰します。関東なら長野などから高原野菜が来るでしょうが、西日本は久留米で作られている。

 自衛隊による給水活動がありますが、昨日の話では2時間待ち。食べ物はあるのか? 実家は備蓄があるので、なんとか凌げていますが。家が流された人はどうなるのか? 避難所で支給されるものしかないでしょう。これも悲惨。



 それにしても「特別避難命令」を出してもどこに逃げるのか? うちの実家の場合、逃げる場所はない。そして自分の家が一番安全ということ。



Saturday, July 7, 2018

週末往来! 7月7日(土)

 原因はこれです。朝から月曜日に備えて買い出しをするために、I-285を走っていました。ちょうどBuford Hwyで降りるので、車線を一番右に変えていましたが、そこで急にパンクですよ。それも徐々に空気が抜けるのではなく、一気に抜けてしまいました。少し走って路肩に寄せ、停車。応急処置ができないかと、いつも積んでいるパンクスプレーを注入して空気を入れましたが、効果なし。高速は危ないので、最徐行でBuford Hwyで降りて、QTまで行き、そこでタイヤを交換しました。

 予期せぬ自然災害に他する防御はあるのか? あまりないですね。まず日本列島という地震や火山の多い島に住んでいるリスクを改めて認識すべきでしょう。

 A地点で何か起きてもB地点に家がある。B地点が夏場は暑いなら、C地点に夏は住む。そんな発想があっても良いではないですか? まあ、そういう生活ができることが大前提なのですが。1つの場所にこだわって、そこに資産を築くと、それが壊れるともう終わりです。日本は幸いにも過疎が進んで田舎の家は安いので、1つくらい買っておく。そういう発想があっても良いわけです。それがリスク分散になりませんかね?




Thursday, July 5, 2018

バケーション中です! 7月5日(木)

Julio Cinco (Jueves)




 第2のタックル事件?? 現代ビジネスがすでに記事にしています、ビデオも出ています。


流行りのSUVを探す 7月19日(木)

Julio Diecinueve (jueves)  4万ドル以下でSUVを探す! Acura RDX $38295 Audi Q3 $33875 BMW X1 $34895 Cadillac XT4 $35790 Infiniti QX50 $37545 ...