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今日の出来事から 7月5日(水) Julio Cinco (Miercoles)


 これ、日本の領海に落ちたのですが、落ちる前に撃墜するとかの考えはないのでしょうか? かなり日本に近いと思うのですが、これで平気なのは日本の政府はおかしい???

Slide 2 of 20: <p><strong>MPG: 57 city / 59 highway</strong> (Details Below)</p><p>The <a href="">Hyundai Ioniq</a> is all new for 2017, and is one of the most affordable hybrids on the market. Hyundai’s goal with the Ioniq was to chip away at the <a href="">Toyota Prius</a>’ dominance of the hybrid segment, to that end, the Ioniq is both more efficient and more affordable. This <a href="">compact car</a> starts at an MSRP of $22,200.</p>2017 Hyundai Ioniq
MPG: 57 city / 59 highway

Slide 4 of 20: <p><strong>MPG: 55 city / 53 highway</strong> (Details Below)</p><p>The <a href="">Toyota Prius Prime</a> is all new for 2017, and it is the first plug-in hybrid to join the brand’s expanded Prius family. At a price of $27,100, the Prius Prime is more expensive than comparably-equipped <a href="">compact cars</a> and <a href="">hybrids</a>, but its all-electric range (before the gas engine kicks in) might enable some buyers to avoid fueling up completely. </p>2017 Toyota Prius Prime
MPG: 55 city / 53 highway

Slide 6 of 20: <p><strong>MPG: 58 city / 53 highway </strong>(Details Below)</p><p>The <a href="">Toyota Prius</a> no longer boasts the best fuel mileage in the segment, having been recently overtaken by the <a href="">Hyundai Ioniq</a>, but the Prius is still a great choice for an affordable <a href="">hybrid car</a>. Not only that, the Prius is an overall good car, earning high overall scores in our reviews and a spot near the top of our <a href="">compact car rankings</a>. The base Prius earns 54 mpg in the city and 50 on the highway. Prius also offers an Eco model (only available in certain markets), which gets 58 mpg in the city and 53 on the highway. </p>2017 Toyota Prius
MPG: 58 city / 53 highway

Slide 8 of 20: <p><strong>MPG: 52 city / 49 highway </strong>(Details Below)</p><p>Spoiler alert: The <a href="">Kia Niro</a> is the only SUV to rank amongst the most fuel-efficient cars on the market. This <a href="">subcompact SUV</a> is all new for the 2017 model year, and shares a lot of its technology with the aforementioned <a href="">Hyundai Ioniq</a>. Great fuel economy estimates and a starting price of $22,890 make it a smart choice for customers.</p>2017 Kia Niro
MPG: 52 city / 49 highway

Slide 10 of 20: <p><strong>MPG: 49 city / 47 highway</strong> (Details Below)</p><p>The <a href="">2017 Honda Accord Hybrid’s</a> fuel economy ratings fall just a little short of the cars with the very best gas mileage, but there’s good reason for it. The Accord Hybrid is a <a href="">midsize car</a>, which means it’s bigger, heavier, and more powerful than the <a href="">compact</a> and <a href="">subcompact models</a> we’ve already looked at. Its starting price of $29,605 is a little high, but Honda includes a lot of features.</p>2017 Honda Accord Hybrid
MPG: 49 city / 47 highway

Slide 12 of 20: <p><strong>MPG: 49 city / 43 highway </strong>(Details Below)</p><p>The <a href="">Chevy Malibu Hybrid</a>, another <a href="">midsize sedan</a> offering, has an MSRP of $27,875, which makes it one of the more affordable options in its class. With excellent safety and reliability scores and a comfortable interior, the Malibu Hybrid scores well among its hybrid counterparts, and also ranks well among other midsize sedans.</p>2017 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid
MPG: 49 city / 43 highway

Slide 14 of 20: <p><strong>MPG: 48 city / 43 highway</strong> (Details Below)</p><p>With an MSRP of $20,150, the <a href="">2017 Toyota Prius c</a> is the least expensive hybrid car on the market. It’s not as comfortable or feature-laden as many efficient, non-hybrid competitors but it’s spacious for the class, and is a solid choice for buyers who want a hybrid at the lowest possible price.</p>2017 Toyota Prius c
MPG: 48 city / 43 highway

Slide 16 of 20: <p><strong>MPG: 43 city / 42 highway</strong> (Details Below)</p><p>The <a href="">Chevrolet Volt</a>, a plug-in hybrid, is a fairly new addition to the field, and comes in at a price of $33,220. That’s more expensive than many hybrids we’ve seen so far, and more expensive than the <a href="">Toyota Prius Prime</a>, which is its closest competitor on this list. However, the Volt is well-liked by critics, who say it’s lavishly equipped and fun to drive.</p>2017 Chevrolet Volt
MPG: 43 city / 42 highway
Slide 18 of 20: <p><strong>MPG: 43 city / 41 highway</strong> (Details Below)</p><p>The <a href="">Ford Fusion Hybrid</a> is a gas-electric version of the <a href="">Fusion</a> <a href="">midsize sedan</a>, and it comes at a starting price of $25,785. Many competitors, even those close in price, offer more standard equipment than the Fusion Hybrid. However, the regular Fusion is known for being one of the more fun-to-drive models in the segment, and critics report that the Fusion Hybrid retains plenty of agility.</p>2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid
MPG: 43 city / 41 highway

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熱帯列島日本  7月18日(水)

Julio Dieciocho (miercoles)  暑すぎ晋作ですよ。これは高杉晋作にかけたものですが、おかしいくらいに暑い。40度はなんとも耐え難い温度で、人が死んでもおかしくないし、実際に死んでいます。アトランタは、暑いが、それでも時折雨が降り、下げてくれる。  ...