Thursday, August 6, 2015

これは詐欺なのか? 本当のオーダーなのか?

Hello good morining how are you doing today am the owner of INTEL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, we have a conference meeting that is coming up in town on the 13th of August I will like to know if you will be able to make this order available for me on the 13st of August,

i will like to know if you do make Nigiri Sushi, and California roll, because i will like to make Sushi for 300 people on the 13th of August and it will be pick up in your restaurant by 4PM pm also do you accept credit card as form of payment, Are you the owner or manager. your urgent reply is needed

Yes, we can do.
Please tell us more detail.
How many California Roll ?
And How many pieces of Nigiri Sushi?
And what fish do you like to order?
Like Tuna, Salmon, Yellow tail, Flounder, Shrimp, Eel.


good morning Thank for the reply, I will need Nigiri Sushi and California roll for 300 peoples the date i need them is 13th of August and it will be pick up by 4 pm in your restaurant by a private courier agent can you be able to handle that for me? And my budget is $10 per person,  so let me have the total sot for 300 people now and you will make it ready for pick up by 4pm. 

$10 per person means 4 pieces California roll + 3 Nigiri sushi.
Is it enough?
Please confirm.
How are you going to pay?
Need to pay advance.



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