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今年売れなかった車 12月6日(木)

Decembre Seis (Jueves)
Slide 2 of 16: Though it ranks highest on this worst-selling list, the news is still grim for Audi’s big five-door. Sales are down 49.8 percent compared to last year, with just 1,959 cars sold thus far. If you need an explanation, see Audi’s best-selling vehicle through 2018 – the Q5 SUV with nearly 56,000 sales. Hatch a plan with the A7: 2019 Audi A7 First Drive: Party In The Back 2019 Audi A7 Is Cheaper Than Outgoing Model, Starts At $68,000Audi A7 1959台
Slide 3 of 16: Jaguar’s mainstream XF sedan is barely outselling the niche F-Type sports car (which comes next) at 1,944 units sold, but that represents a drop of nearly 50 percent from last year. It looks great and has all kinds of sports-sedan cred, but it’s further proof that people are more interested in athletic SUVs and crossovers these days. There's a wagon version too: Jaguar XF Sportbrake Pulls Skier At 117 MPH For World Record Jaguar XF Sportbrake Wagon Confirmed For U.S. MarketJaguar XF 1944台
Slide 4 of 16: The F-Type is a sweetheart of a sports car, especially in V8 trim with 575 horsepower (429 kilowatts). And with a base price of $60,750 for the 296 hp (221 kW) version, it’s not out-of-reach pricewise. It’s certainly a low-volume vehicle, but 1,925 models sold through 2018 still represents a drop of 42 percent compared to last year. More on the F-Type: England Vs. Germany: Jag F-Type SVR Drag Races Mercedes-AMG E63 S 2018 Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport Review: More Of A Great ThingJaguar F 1925台
Slide 5 of 16: The big grand touring droptop from Mercedes-Benz is suffering a massive sales drop with 1,787 cars sold through October. With a $90,000 starting price, it’s certainly a bit more exclusive than most convertibles, but sales are still down nearly 26 percent. The latest SL news: See The Timeless Mercedes SL Evolve Through Six Generations 2020 Mercedes SL Rumored To Be Lighter And FasterMersedes SL 1787台
Slide 6 of 16: We were serious when we said Merc two-seaters aren’t very hot. The smaller SLC-Class is down nearly 29 percent from last year, despite getting a minor power boost in AMG trim. Mercedes has even said it’s uncertain what the future holds for the SLC, which could help explain why only 1,692 have found homes so far this year. On the brink of extinction? Mercedes Admits It Hasn't Decided What To Do With The SLC AMG SLC 43 Reminds Us It Still Exists With More Power For 2019Mersedes SLC 1692台
Slide 7 of 16: Brand-new for the 2018 model year, the LC went on sale last year and is one of two vehicles on the list to post a year-over-year increase. The sexy coupe has a small slice of the luxury sports car market but it’s growing despite a supercar-esque starting price of $92,200. 1,688 units are sold so far in 2018 – a 45 percent increase from last year. Love the LC: Lexus LC Yellow Edition Shows The Coupe's Sunnier Side In Paris Now Everyone Can Afford A Lexus LC Thanks To A $5,000 Price CutLexus LC 1688台
Slide 8 of 16: The Acura RLX is the second vehicle on this list that enjoys a year-over-year sales increase. The sedan received a significant makeover for the 2018 model year, gaining fresh technology and a sharp new face with Acura’s new Diamond Pentagon Grille. As a result, RLX sales are up a whopping 68.7 percent from last year, but it still only amounted to 1,556 units sold. Get to know the RLX: 2018 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid First Drive: Gradual Improvement Updated Acura RLX Sedan Makes Its Pebble Beach DebutAcura RLX 1556台
Slide 9 of 16: Here’s another luxury flagship sedan at the bottom of the sales chart. 1,365 big Jags are sold so far through 2018, representing a year-over-year decline of 39 percent for the posh sedan. With a base price of $75,700 it certainly has a limited market, but it’s also facing a world where buyers are aggressively choosing high-end SUVs over cars. Jaaaaag: Jaguar Design Boss Talks Next-Gen XJ, Electric F-Type Replacement 2018 Jaguar XJR575 | Why Buy?Jaguar XJ 1365台
Slide 10 of 16: The five-door version of the retrolicious Fiat 500 isn’t doing well with just 1,327 sales made through October 2018. The 500 has never been a runaway hit in the U.S. market, but the slightly larger version is still rather cramped for four adults. It also offers mediocre performance and suffers from poor resale, leading people to look elsewhere for a compact family vehicle. Feel out the Fiat: Fiat 500L S-Design Tries Hard To Make The MPV Fashionable 2018 Fiat 500 Gets A Slight Price Hike To Go With Added PowerFiat 500L 1327台

Slide 11 of 16: It’s possible you haven’t heard of this hydrogen fuel-cell car. That’s because Toyota only sells it in select U.S. markets where a hydrogen infrastructure supports it. 1,263 have been sold so far in 2018, which is a low number but that’s still more than some well-known vehicles on this list. As more hydrogen fueling stations open, don’t be surprised to see fuel cell cars grabbing larger slices of the automotive market. Could hydrogen be the future? Hydrogen Shortage Hits Hard: Toyota Mirai Owners Running On Fumes Toyota Mirai Billboards Will Literally Clean The AirToyota Mirai 1263台
Slide 12 of 16: This one is a bit surprising. Audi’s posh sports car is a pleasure to drive and looks good to boot, and it doesn’t break the bank with a starting price under $44,000. It’s possible TT buyers held off on a purchase until the refreshed 2019 model was available, but whatever the reason, Audi moved only 1,244 examples so far. TT-Terrific: Next-Generation Audi TT Rumored To Be Four-Door Coupe 2019 Audi TT Gets More Standard Features, Refined Exterior DesignAudi TT 1244台
Slide 13 of 16: Could there be anything more opposite to the big, imposing sedans on this list than the Smart ForTwo? The little city car could almost fit in the Jaguar XJ's trunk, and it’s priced much lower to boot. But the little two-seater was never particularly popular in the States, and for 2018 ForTwo sales are down a whopping 62 percent with just 1,054 units sold. Get Smart: Smart Fortwo Gets 190-HP Bike Engine, Adds Brawn To Its Brains Smart Brand Could Be Axed, Sub-A-Class Mercedes To Fill The VoidSmart for Two 1054台
Slide 14 of 16: It seems Audi’s big sedan suffers a similar fate as the A7, though admittedly there is a slight price difference between the two models. The A8 starts at $83,800 but it packs an incredible amount of technology into that updated body. Buyers are looking elsewhere for luxury, however, since only 909 have been sold. Check out the A8: 2019 Audi A8L First Drive: Tons Of Teutonic Tech Cheapest 2019 Audi A8 Money Can Buy Costs $83,800 In The U.S.Audi A8 909台
Slide 15 of 16: Kia’s flagship luxury sedan received an all-new makeover this year, but it seems buyers aren’t responding. Despite improvements in nearly every category, only 277 K900s have found new homes this year to make it the worst-selling mainstream vehicle on the list. Kia K900 deserves better: 2019 Kia K900 First Drive: Stealth Wealth 2019 Kia K900 Makes A Handsome Debut In New YorkKia K900 277台
Slide 16 of 16: The small, sporty Alfa Romeo is a mid-engined sweetheart, but it’s a pricey one. The $66,900 base price gets you a 237-horsepower turbocharged four-pot that shoots the lightweight sports car to 60 mph in just over four seconds, but sales are much slower with only 217 sold so far this year. Yes, it's a very niche vehicle, and the coupe was canceled this year, but the Spider is still available. Perhaps the Alfa SUV is the better deal? Watch The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Accelerate To 168 MPH 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio | Why Buy?Alfa Romeo 4C 217台
 Kia? 安物メーカーが無理して高級車を作ったのが大きな間違い。たぶんディーラーには不良在庫の山になっていますよ、これは粗大ごみになる。
 Smart? アメリカでは小さすぎて売れない。トヨタも1Lの車IQでしたかね、出していましたが全然売れなかった。やはり欧州などの道幅の狭い場所向きなのでは?

 面白いことにマイクロソフトが時価総額で世界一位になって、アップルは2位に転落しています。アップルは売り上げを伸ばしたが、それは台数ではなく高いiPhoneを売っただけの話。もうスマホでの優位性はなく、毎年同じようなものを出しても飽きられてきた? ジョブスのいないアップルに革新性のある商品は出てこない、メッキがもう剥がれている?

 「逆イールド」、これが株を下げさせた原因だそうです。何? 米債券市場の点滅灯が青色から赤色に。米国債利回りは4日、3カ月ぶりの低水準にまで落ち込み、景気後退の可能性を示すシグナルが点灯。 減税に後押しされた成長加速や四半世紀ぶりの低い失業率、連邦準備理事会の目標である2%にほぼ近づいたインフレ率により、国債利回りは今年の大半において徐々に上昇。
 債券のことを知らないので、これを読んでもイマイチ何なのか分かりませんが、たぶん普通なら10年物の方が2年ものより利回りが高いはずなのに、それ逆転したということか? だから異常な状況なのでしょう。2日前のロイターに出ていました。

 現在の気温は28度。土曜日が100%、日曜日が90%の降水確率になりました。そして最高気温が39度? これはゴルフは無理なのでは? 来週は納会ゴルフがあります。



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