Thursday, February 26, 2015

今日の出来事から 2月26日(木) 終わってみれば大したことない



<p>You won’t be able to eat a meal from a chain restaurant without staring down the number of calories and sugar, fat and salt content when new Food and Drug Administration rules go into effect. In a year, chain restaurants and other places selling food and beverages will have to display nutritional information for the goods they sell. A restaurant must have 20 or more locations to fall under the new rules, but it will be as far-reaching as movie theaters, convenience stores and retail department stores (think Sam’s Clubs, Costco, Target and even some deli foods in supermarkets). There’s opposition, of course, but the move is supported by anti-obesity activists and the National Restaurant Association, which says it prefers a uniform national standard over a variety of state and local laws. For now, here’s a glimpse at some foods many of us commonly eat. Did you have any idea you were eating this many calories?</p><p>From <a href=""></a></p>今落ち目のビッグマック 550
<p><strong>Calories:</strong> 260 each</p>ダンキンドーナッツ 1つで260
<p><strong>Calories:</strong> 120</p>KFCのドラムスティック 1つで120
<p><strong>Calories:</strong> 740</p>サブウェイ 12インチのコンボ 意外にも740
<p><strong>Calories:</strong> 880</p><p><strong>Fat:</strong> 36 grams</p><p><strong>Sugar:</strong> 59 grams</p>シナボンのシナモンロール 驚きの880

<p><strong>Calories:</strong> 440</p>チックフィレのチキンサンドイッチ 440
<p><strong>Calories:</strong> 920</p> <p><strong>RELATED: <a href="">The 12 Healthiest Grocery Store Finds to Always Have in Your Kitchen</a></strong></p>ファイブガイズのベーコンチーズバーガー 920


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